Whether your business is a new start up or already well established, we can help you stand out from the crowd with an expertly designed social media strategy.

We carefully assess your business’s needs and work with you to really understand your target audience, before applying our expertise and knowledge of current trends to meet your brief. Using this approach, we plan and curate engaging content that’s aligned to your brand and mission, and differentiates you from your competition.

In a sea of social media clutter, we can streamline your strategy to increase page engagement and maximise content reach, resulting in increased connectivity with your customers and greater sales for your business. While social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are widely used today, creating and posting content that’s effective in driving the right audience to your brand and business is the difficult part. Our experts thrive on delivering social media content that is tailored to match your products, services, and target audience.

We conduct an analysis to determine the current social media landscape for your business. This includes competitor studies, creative analysis, hashtag research, industry trends on social media and much more. This helps us learn more about your perfect audience, and best to engage with them, via various content mediums.

Using the results, we develop creative copy and design for your social media channels, and ensure you reach the maximum audience possible by recommending specific dates and times. Even a brilliantly designed post can be a complete flop if it’s not posted at the right time. That’s why as part of your social media strategy, we’ll develop a social media schedule and calendar for your business that’s tailored to achieve the best results

With AusTech Solutions, you can rest assured in the knowledge that our team is right by your side, to answer your questions and respond to your requirements. We understand that all businesses have bottom lines and that ROIs are important, which is why our team covers every detail, to ensure your social media presence generates and maintains optimal results.

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